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Introduction by L. Gregg Carlson

Having partnered with over 150 unique nonprofit organizations, I have developed the hypothesis that there is a shortage of qualified major gift prospects for two reasons:

donor bases are too small;

no “moves management” approach to upgrade entry level donors.

With a proven, systematic approach developed over 30+ years of experience, Carlson Fundraising builds donor bases and moves donors up the gift pyramid, generating more legitimate major gift prospects.

Carlson Fundraising, LLC is purposely a small firm which partners with select non-profit organizations which share the same vision of their potential, coupled with a mutual understanding that achievement of goals is a result of the strategic application of the essential principles of fundraising.

Carlson Fundraising’s focus is building and preparing the “middle” of your family of donors to ask for and receive major gifts. We often begin with multi-channel solicitation strategies – offering phone, mail, internet and mobile solutions. Once a donor is acquired, Carlson Fundraising implements a systematic approach of “moves management” which includes identification stewardship, cultivation and solicitation strategies – moving donors up the donor pyramid – resulting in major gifts.

Ideal Client

Carlson Fundraising, LLC seeks to partner with a limited number of non-profit organizations who want to significantly increase the size of their donor base and implement a systematic “moves management” program designed to generate substantially more major gifts. The ideal client has the commitment and adequate budget to not only initiate the effort, but to invest each year in a sustained program – resulting in a pipeline of qualified major gift prospects.

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